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ASQ Vancouver Section 408 advances individual and organizational performance excellence in BC by providing opportunities for learning, quality improvement and knowledge exchange.

ASQ Vancouver Objectives

  1. A valuable resource to members for achieving professional excellence & advancement.
  2. A provider of information and learning opportunities related to quality.
  3. A leader in operational excellence and in the delivery of value to the quality community.
Dennis Delgado
SLC Chair
Mary Duffy
Section Secretary
Paulo Costa de Oliveira
Section Treasurer
Nadia Graham
Job Description
Robin Woolmer
Programs Chair
Shruti Bhat
Tony Mark
Venugopal Ganesan
David Brett
Community Good Works
Manjit Parmar
Newsletter Editor
Sandra Amador
Voice of the Customer
Santosh Mishra
Audit Committee Leader
Natella Isazada
Fernando De La Torre
Vancouver Island Liaison
Jenny Bazov
Zhila Pirmoradi
Santosh Mishra
Caitlin Der
David Brett
Student Liaison

The American Society for Quality (ASQ), headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, has been the world’s leading authority on quality since 1946.

The 104,000-member professional association creates better workplaces and communities worldwide by advancing learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange to improve business results. By making quality a global priority, an organizational imperative, and a personal ethic, ASQ becomes the community for everyone who seeks technology, concepts, or tools to improve themselves and their world.

A world of improvement is available through ASQ, providing information, contacts, and opportunities to make things better in the workplace, in communities, and in people’s lives. The Vancouver section was formed in 1986 and has 350 members.

ASQ’s Vision

By making quality a global priority, an organizational imperative, and a personal ethic, the American Society for Quality becomes the community for everyone who seeks quality technology, concepts, or tools to improve themselves and their world.

Role and Long-Term Objectives:

  1. To be stewards of the quality profession by providing member (customer) value
  2. To be stewards of the quality movement by providing increased society value from ASQ activities

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Procedure, Benefits, Opportunities- FAQ

ASQ offers great benefits to members in general, and to local chapter members in specific in several ways. Membership with ASQ is mandatory for local chapter members, meaning that to be member of a local chapter, it is necessary to be a member of ASQ first. When you join ASQ, remember to select Section 408 (ASQ Vancouver) as your local section to take full advantage of your membership.

ASQ Vancouver Chapter Membership FAQ

I want to become a member of at ASQ Vancouver Chapter. What should I do?
What types of membership are available at ASQ Vancouver Chapter?
What benefits at ASQ Vancouver Chapter offers to members?
What type of events I can get access to through at ASQ Vancouver Chapter?
Are there any type of involvement opportunities for members at ASQ Vancouver Chapter?
Is there an annual membership fee?
What are the differences between the types of individual memberships that ASQ offers?
What’s the best membership for me?
Would I receive pricing discounts with any ASQ individual membership?
Can I transfer my membership to someone else?
Where can I find my Member Number?
How do I change my address and e-mail?
When can I upgrade my membership?
How do I request a replacement membership card?
I paid my membership fee with a credit card. Are renewal fees automatically charged to that card?
Will I lose my certification if my membership lapses?
I have a question that's not in this list.
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