What’s Your Next Move?

How to find the right improvement strategy and methods for your organization This article was originally published in Quality Progress  /  2015 June by David Hansen

In 50 Words Or Less

  • Many continuous improvement programs focus on realizing improvements through problem solving but neglect to address areas with insufficient capabilities in place.
  • Often, these programs lack a clear improvement strategy and organizations choose inadequate methods to support that strategy.
  • Learn about a framework for designing improvement methods to increase capability building.

We want to solve problems, but how should we? Continuous improvement initiatives are deployed everywhere, and we use all types of improvement methods based on the scientific method—such as root cause analysis—to identify and solve problems, and resolve conflict and issues.

The focus on eliminating problems, however, draws attention away from another aspect of continuous improvement: strengthening the capabilities that an organization needs to achieve operational goals. Competence building is best achieved with improvement methods that focus on reinforcing competences by learning from successful experiences and discussing preferred future states.

So, should shop floor management focus on problem solving or competence building?


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